So call me, call me, call me..
I'm obsessed with Fifth Harmony, but I also love Demi Lovato, One Direction, food and music.. well, I'm just like you.
Hannah Kaiser, 21 yrs.
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving. It’s like I got this music in my mind and saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

“Baby I understand that some nights sadness will hit you like a tidal wave and there is no way to stop it or tell when it is coming. I understand how hard it is to keep from drowning. But I need you to understand this. When you are sad, I will call you and read you parts of my favorite book so that for a little while you can leave this life and feel like you’re someone else. When you are too sad to even speak I’ll sit there with you and listen to you breathe and memorize your heartbeat. And when you tell me that you need me, I will already be on my way to you. And if you want to cry, I will hold you all night. And if you want to laugh, I will bring your favorite comedy over and I will watch it with you and fall in love with your tear filled eyes every time the tv lights them up. If you want to be alone, I will give you space. But I will come back in the morning and tell you how beautiful you are and that I’m so happy you made it through the night. I will hold your hand and tell you that tonight will be better. And I’ll do everything I can to try and make that happen. So it’s okay to be sad, because I will always be here to make you happy again.”
~ It’s 1am and I need you to know this (via boobslyn)


Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

Lauren and Camila having a deep discussion about cinnamon covered pita chips. 

Happy 22nd Birthday Demetria Devonne Lovato! (August 20, 1992)



Apple of love

now the whole thing’s going to get all yellow look what you did